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Loaded Kings - "Make a Rule" Ideas

You've drawn a King! Make a Rule. If that rule is broken, the rule-breaker must drink. Previous rules can be removed or stacked on top of your new rule. The choice is yours, your Majesty! Here are some of the most common "Make a Rule" rules from around the nation:

  • No using contractions.
  • Everyone must say " bed" after every sentence.
  • Put your chin on the table if you say a curse word. Keep it there until someone else curses, then it's their turn.
  • No pointing.
  • No using the words drink/drank/drunk.
  • No using the names of anyone at the table.
  • The Little Man Rule: everyone must pretend that there is a little man sitting on top of their cup. They must pick the little man up from the top of the cup (like a lid) every time they take a sip, and then must put him back on top of the cup when they aren't drinking.
  • Everyone must drink with only their left hand. (Also known as the Buffalo Rule)
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